Heat season again: Costa Rica & VCCA (+ notes on previous travels)

I'm here at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts in Amherst, VA from June 17-July 17. Two big wild bunnies greeted me the first day I approached my studio, and yesterday before a thunderstorm a tiny black cat with a white diamond on her throat came by and pressed her face to the door. 

In May I taught two classes, Essay as Encounter and Poetry/Vivid Prose, through UGA Costa Rica. My students were brilliant and warm and sustaining. 

Earlier in May, I presented at the Association for Asian American Studies Conference in Miami on the panel "Self-Articulation and Solidarity: Asian-American Poets Encounter the South" with Kundiman fellows Sarah Gambito, Vidhu Aggarwal, Ching-In Chen, and Marci Calabretta Cancio-Bello. 

At AWP on April 1, I read my essay "Night-Fear Is One Name" (forthcoming in West Branch) for the Black Warrior Review/Bennington Review offsite reading.